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Episode 9- Mason Amos talks numismatic strategy

We had the opportunity to talk with Mason Amos, the ex manager of Sahara Coins about many different topics including where to get started when it comes to coins and what types of coins he feel will have the best return on investment. Mason has a wealth of knowledge and has been involved with the coin industry for years this is a great opportunity to pick up some quick tips.

Episode 8- Andy The Elder Boorman

Today we sat down with Andy The Elder Boorman! We discussed how Andy came to become a Sahara Coin Bro and what kind of coins and bullion he enjoys. We also found out that if his son in law treats his daughter bad, it will be handled accordingly as well as other ways to find Silver and coins.. For Free  

Episode 7- Raymond Bullish Bryant

In this episode Adrian "None Betta" Chacon sits down and gets to know a little bit about Raymond "Bullish" Bryant as well as gathering some info about gold, silver and numismatics. Listen to how important it is to not clean coins and why you can throw your silver bar across a parking lot and still be good to go. Raymond shares some great resources for the everyday investor or collector to get more education when it comes to collecting topics. Take a look at and if you have any questions feel free to shoot an email to

Episode 6- Andrew “Money Man” McDonald

Episode 6 with Andrew “Money Man” McDonald touches subjects like Manipulation of the current markets and why Guns, Ammunition and bullion are all very very important. Also, purchasing fractional silver and gold is more important than you may believe, If you need to be on the move quickly grabbing some %90 silver may be your best bet.

Episode 5- Finding Free Money with Kent Wong

Kent Wong from MPM joined us today to talk about how he has gone from not being a coin person to finding over $1200 worth of silver for FREE!! Kent is one of the awesome guys with MPMVSM that helps produce our youtube videos. Who better to bring in and talk to about the possibilties of precious metals and coin than someone that just got started. Listen in while we get Kent to share some of his secrets...

Episode 4- Jake “Moscow” Coronado

Jake "Moscow" Coronado sat down with me today to talk a little bit about how he became a Super Coin Brother as well as other very important topics in today's market, from where the markets are at right now and what some of the causes may be. We also take a in depth look at the types of items Jake enjoys including guns, ammunition and bullion. Great knowledge from a great Super Coin Brother!!

Episode-3 Jason “The Chili Peppa” Coronado

Episode 3 with Jason “The Chili Peppa” Coronado hits on many different areas of collecting, and investing in Bullion and Coins all while learning that Jason learned how to speak Spanish in Canada… Yep I said Canada. With the market fluctuations and metals the way they are there may be another avenue to pursue when putting money into coins that can bring home the dough. Find out what those are!

Episode 2 - Alex “The Mad Greek” Mavros

Another day, another Super Coin Brother for you to meet. Alex "The Mad Greek" Mavros is here today to talk about the insane market conditions as well as how he ended up a Super Coin Bro. He will explain the difference between our shop on your grandfathers old shop as well as who he wanted to be the day he ended up in the WWE. Listen up and find out how these coin brothers have fun while providing Bullion and Numismatic information. In the meantime if you have any questions or requests feel free to contact us at and keep your eye on the current market prices and much much more at

Episode 1- Adrian “None Betta” Chacon

In this episode of Super Coin Bros I (Raymond "Bullish" Bryant) Sit down with Adrian "None Betta" Chacon to talk about the current market, which we all know is all over the place and definitely not a predictable being at this point. Some of the great coins and items we have in the store as well as the new trend here at Sahara Coins, wearing sunglasses indoors... This is the first episode of Super Coin Bros and you can get a taste of what this show will be about. A bunch of friends that love to give eachother a hard time while enjoying what we do. Bullion, Numismatics, football and much much more.

Super Coin Brothers

Get information about investing in hard assets while keeping it interesting and entertaining. Coming straight from the entertainment capital of the world Las Vegas, Nevada this is sure to be unlike any other show you have listened too. The crew at Sahara Coins is delivering market knowledge and investing tips when it comes to hard assets in a personal and down to earth manner, with the occasional wise crack as well as real life banter between a group of friends that have the pleasure of working together to help make you the educated collector. 

You will hear from:
Raymond "Bullish" Bryant
Adrian "None Betta" Chacon
Alex "The Mad Greek" Mavros (Hence the Windex)
Andrew "Money Man" McDonald
Jake " Moscow" Coronado
Jason" The Chile Peppa" Coronado
Andy "The Elder" Boorman

We are just a few guys that have a great time on a day to day basis that decided to share it with all of you. If you have any questions regarding, coins, bullion, investing, fantasy football or cookie recipes feel free to let us know at we would love to talk about anything you want to hear.... Within reason of course!!

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