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Sahara Coins & Super Coin Brothers Podcast Upgrades

In this episode Ray & Thomas talk about a bunch of the current upgrades you may be seeing across the net including Sahara Coins website, the new coin bros podcast equipment and the new direction of the podcast. 

Coming soon to the Super Coin Brothers will be other business owners/managers talking about some of the awesome things that some of these businesses are doing and some of the crazy stories they have either heard or been a part of. In an effort to help the educated collector we want to bring in folks that are knowledgeable in their areas of expertise to bring you information about finances, specialty products, gold prospecting and much much more!

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The Darker Side Of The Binion Hoard

In this episode Ray and Thomas discuss the darker side of the very well known Binion Hoard. Most collectors know that the Binion Hoard exists and they can purchase them in the awesome holders... But do you know about the crazy history of Ted Binion and what issues he faced before the Hoard came to be? From Drugs, Sex, Murder and The Mob this story is one to remember.


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Our Commitment To Our Next Generation!




Address: 7293 W. Sahara Ave. Suite 106, Las Vegas, NV 89117

Phone: (702) 367-4360

Fax: (702) 367-8206





The Super Coin Bros Podcast Promo

Do you like listening to podcasts and want to learn about coins. Then this is the podcast for you. We are just a group of friends that happen to work together and have fun doing it. We discuss things like beginner coin collecting, coin hoards, gold coins, silver coins and much much more. But beware this is not your traditional podcast about coin and only coins. These conversations are informative and entertaining all at the same time. Coming from Sahara Coins in Las Vegas there is definitely some great info coming in ever episode.

Bullion Market Manipulation Is Real With Ray & Thomas

How many times have you hears people say that the precious metals markets are being manipulated and that metals prices are being suppressed? I know the initial response is to picture the person saying that wearing a tin foil hat... But this podcast discusses the cases underway with JP Morgan and many other Big Banks and how the Vice President of JP Morgan Pleaded guilty to market manipulation... 

Ray & Thomas also talk about why it makes this a great time to purchase metals and how Thomas can spend $20+ in a drive-thru. 


Articles mentioned in the podcast:


Silver Stacking For Beginners With Ray

This episode is a little different from the normal Super Coin Bros episode. We made a new YouTube video about stacking silver and what to look out for and how to get the most silver for your dollar. After reviewing it, it only seemed right to pass it on to all of our awesome super coin bros fans. 

1. Why do you stack silver

2. How to get the most when it comes to stacking

3. What to stay away from

4. How many chickens can you get for silver.


Introducing Coin Bro Thomas

In this episode Ray interviews one of the newer Super Coin Brothers Thomas Wall. In this episode you will find out why Thomas favors the Type 1 Standing liberty Quarter for a couple of reasons. Thomas is another Super Coin Bro that you will hear from on the podcast and also has a wealth of knowledge and customer service to offer.

You will also learn Thomas's favorite way to get out of an argument...

Introducing Coin Bro Fernando

In this episode Ray interviews the newest Super Coin Bro Fernando. Fernando brings a ton of customer service to Sahara Coins and The Super Coin Bros. You will find out in this episode what coins Fernando does and does not like as well as his love of the power of a VTEC.

Fernando is Bi-lingual and has created a great opportunity for all of our spanish speaking customers.

He may also be stuck with the nickname "Fernando and the Furious"

Introducing Coin Bro Jonathan

In this episode Ray Interviews Jonathan! A Coin bro that has been with Sahara Coins for more than 4 Years. A wealth of knowledge along with a great ability to help customers obtain a great understanding of coins and what it takes to collect, you can count on Jonathan to be a great listen when on the Super Coin Bros Podcast!

The Hackney Hoard

In this episode, Raymond and one of the newest coin bros Thomas talk about the Hackney Hoard. A large hoard of US $20 Gold Pieces found in London. With a crazy story that ties these coins to WWII this is a very interesting hoard to learn about.

The Super Coin Bros ARE BACK!!!

On this episode Ray and Adrian talk about the awesome response from around the world that Super Coin Bros has received as well as why Adrian is what some would consider a "Reverse" man!

How did the Saddle Ridge Hoard get there?

On this episode the guys talk about the Saddle Ridge Hoard that was found in Northern California and all the odd happenings that surround that hoard... Including Adrian's $40 Hoard. You don't want to miss this great episode and all the crazy info behind the now infamous Saddle Ridge Hoard.

Putting a value to your coin

Sometimes figuring out the price of your coin is more than half the battle. There are many tools out there for you to use to price these coins and it is just a matter of knowing how to use them or what to look for. In this podcast Raymond Bullish Bryant and Andy the Elder Boorman discuss pricing coins.

Free Silver…. What’s The Catch??

In episode 17 the Super Coin Bros. Talk about a recent flyer one of them received after signing up to receive one free ounce of silver. From the flyer pushing buyers away from Numismatics with some terrible tactics. Also find out what obsession Adrian "none betta" Chacon has with Taylor Swift.

Episode 16- Grading, CAC, PQ, Star and Plus. Say what??

In episode 16 the Super Coin Bros. take some time to discuss the coin grading scale and some of the off the wall designations given by NGC and PCGS like Plus and Star and what they mean. Also, what is CAC and PQ and why are they important! All while uncovering that Adrian may have issues reading Ray's show schedule.

You can check out the sites mentioned in this podcast here.

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Episode 15- What is the GSA hoard

Continuing the series on historical hoards in the world of coin collecting the Super Coin Bros dig into the GSA hoard which contained more than 3 million Morgan dollars and was 85% Carson City Dollars. In this short episode you can learn what the GSA hoard is and how the coins were dispersed into public and they discuss a few of the GSA dollars that mysteriously went missing.

Episode 14- The Truth Behind The Redfield Hoard

Starting a new series giving new collectors and seasoned ones alike a touch of coin collecting history with facts that you may not have known about some of your favorite hoards that have been found over the years. The Super Coin Brothers started this series with the Redfield Hoard. You may not know some of the quirky facts behind this interesting coin hoard. Check out Episode 14 and find out some of the interesting facts behind Lavere Redfield.

Episode 13- Common myths of coin collecting

Knowing that there are common myths that surround coin collecting and investing, we took a little while to talk about 8 of the most common myths surrounding Coin Collecting. We discussed topics like population reports and why they might not be %100 reliable.

Episode 12- How not to become a victim of coin collecting

With so many outlets for purchasing coins it is easy to caught up in a less than stellar purchasing situation without knowing. Unfortunately today there are more people that get ripped off or scammed by magazine publications or "Reputable" TV dealers. Stop for just a second and ask yourself; Would you just purchase a bottle of ketchup with a $50 price tag on it because it is in a "Reputable" Magazine or because it is featured as the "Deal of the day" on a TV show? I would hope the answer is no. We are going to take some time to discuss the things we constantly see happening to everyday folks like you and I and how you can avoid getting taken advantage of and some of the tools that you have available to you that you may not be aware of.

Episode 11- Raymond Talks Monetary System Failure protection options

Raymond Bullish Bryant talks about the all so common question. “What should I buy just in case the monetary system crashes?” We see a lot of people that stick to only US Government coinage whether it be %90 silver pre 1964 coins or Silver Eagles and Raymond give his “opinion” and explanation as to why he has the opinions he does. Listen in to find out why Raymond feels that protecting yourself against the US monetary systems crashing with a coin that says $1 on it is not his recommendation.  Also, how can you buy 1200 Chickens!

Episode 10- Raymond “Bullish” Bryant talks dollar averaging and why it’s a great strategy

Raymond “Bullish” Bryant sits with Adrian “none betta” Chacon and gives us his insights on why dollar averaging is so important and why he feels he should have started dollar averaging and putting a portion of his money made into silver. Raymond will demonstrate how dollar averaging could have made him a profit of over four thousand dollars. From hoarding lunch money to selling lemonade, money was made but it was also spent and now we take a deeper look at  how the money could have been utilized to produce more money.

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